A THC suppository can provide an effective and discreet way for patients to find relief from pain for hours.  Unlike with smoking or edibles, THC suppositories don’t have an overwhelming psychoactive effect so patients can find relief throughout the day without worrying about peak highs.  The bio-availability of a THC suppository make this method the most effective for absorbing cannabis into your bloodstream. While it may not be the first product patients think of using, suppositories are an excellent option for patients who can’t or do not want to medicate with smoking or edibles and for patients who are looking for hours of pain relief without the psychoactive effect that typically comes from smoking or consuming cannabis products.

 How To Use:

The single use applicator allows for quick, easy, and convenient administration.
Dosage: 1 THC suppository contains 25mg of THC.
Duration: Effects begin after about 15 minutes and last 4-8 hours.



  • Cannabis suppositories provide superior bio-availability, meaning a higher percentage of THC is absorbed into your bloodstream. These products can provide up to 70% of the medicinal effects compared to edibles which may only provide 20% absorption and smoking which may only provide 15%.
  • Can be used rectally or vaginally.
  • Provides pain relief and full body relaxation without overwhelming psychoactive effects.
  • Great for PMS, abdominal pain, and lower-back pain relief.

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